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Thread: A gun for the little woman.

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    Not an expert by any means but been shooting all type of guns for over 50 years. I firmly believe that everyone should choose their own carry gun. It should be one that they are comfortable with in operation and can shoot accurately, not one that is my preference but is their preference. My wife loves to shoot and will shoot almost any type of gun at the range and normally can shoot it well. She carries daily and she choose a S&W 642 with a CT laser grip as here personal carry weapon. She said that she choose it because of there being a less likely of a problem if in a high stress situation with the operation of the gun. It is light weight and easy to conceal, there is no safety to turn off, just aim and pull the trigger. If there is a misfire round just pull the trigger a second time, no slide to rack, very little to go wrong. I encouraged her to make her own decision on her carry gun choosing something that she is most comfortable with and can handle with proficiency. She is happy with her choice and I am happy that it is something she will carry verses something that is sitting at home in the safe. We go together to the range weekly and carries daily.

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    I recommend that she get at least a .38 Special. If her hands are large enough, I would get her a .357 Magnum and shoot .38 Specials in it. If the extra power is ever needed, the gun could handle it.
    I agree

    I feel you are right on the money here. If an when I will carry it will likely be a 357 revolver with a short barrel. It will be double action an I want a hammer that can be pulled back for a lighter trigger if I have time an also for general shooting .

    About 5 years or more ago I heard a bump In the night an as I spring to action a 3am still half as sleep I grabbed my wonder 9 an proceeded to get ready for Zombies. ninjas, or burgurlas, I decided id better load it but I had it on half cock so I could not rack the slide once I realized that in my barely awake an confused state I decided to fid the safety an proceeded to drop the mag out on the floor as I had got the mag release an safety mixed up now I was ready I thought but still wasent sure if the safety was on or off or if I had inserted a empty or loaded mag in the gun in the dark . Im doing all this in my under wear.

    the next day I put the wonder 9 that I really didn't shoot enogh to know it back in the safe an replaced it with a 38 snub nose DA revolver.

    Some times having a lot of different guns can be a issue even for a guy who shoots a lot .

    For a untrained person who does not shoot a lot an likely never will a 357 snub nose loaded with 357 is perfect . she or he can practice with light 39 loads an dosent even need to shoot it in 357 really. If the time every comes to use it for defense the 357 will hit close enough in pistol range an provide a lot more energy .

    In the real world if you cant get it done in 2 or 3 shots your dead or the situation is over. Id be willing to bet that of all the defensive shooings ever done only about 2% have been more than two shots.

    I have actualy considered a light weight but larger frame derringer in a 357 or 9mm as a concealed carry weapon . I don't want to be lugging around a heavy gun In the off chance I might be robbed or attacted . if I am an I cant stop it with two shots or the fact I am showing the fact im armed ( I don't belive in pulling a gun unless your going to fire ) then Im likely going to be injured or killed anyway . Id rather have a gun I can carry with out thought like my wallet. phone , keys than some thing that is difficult to carry in all situation .

    I saw a guy drop a gun out of a holster the other day trying to take a piss . he had a inside the belt on his hip rig an when he undid his pants to piss the gun came out . I was a little concerned since he was at a bar an drinking , never a good combo.
    also a violation of our new concealed laws here.

    Id like to try a ankle rig of some sort if I do carry. weight is my concern . Im in jeans an a T shirt a lot .

    Id love a smart phone with a 3" barrels 380 or some thing installed in it but there illeagle im sure an If I pulled my phone its not likely to stop any one unless I shot .

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    Lady or gentleman, I think they need to learn to shoot first and then decided what firearm is best for them. I can shoot pistols, but don't like them. For me maybe an 11' .410 deringer double that is reliable would be the short gun for me.

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