For starters, I want to say that I have always liked lever action rifles. I have several. I enjoy shooting them. I think it goes back to my youth when I used to watch "Cowboy" movies with Roy, Gene, Tex, Hoppy, the Lone Ranger and so on.
I am particularly interested in on particular rifle. It is the Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum. It is a well made rifle. I have handled some of them but never shot one. They are a little heavier than I might desire. But, you can't have everything your way!
I believe that the 44 Magnum would be sufficient to hunt anything that lives in this area with the possible exception of Elk. And, then, it would still suffice if you are a good enough hunter to get close to them (I'm not!).
It would be a good gun for home defense. If 10 or 11 shots won't get the job done, you probably couldn't get it done with anything!
Anyhow, does anybody on this forum have experience with this weapon? If so, please inform the rest of us of us with your opinions.