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    That looks like a nice 1911...
    How does it shoot for you?
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    I had many FTF with my 228grain LRN reloads(Lee mould).This was a replacement mould with the R2 ogive to help feeding with my last 1911.The slide was not fully locking after stripping off the next round.Not the guns fault.Some of my old reloads are not seating in the chamber.
    I'll need to remove my barrel and drop my reloads in one at a time and resize the ones that don't seat.Those reloads I fired were made to fit a throated barrel on my SS PT1911 that took a walk.All in all I fired 64rds of my reloads with about one in eight being FTF,and twentyfour rds of factory FMJ with no hang ups.I also got to try the ten SS Checkmate mags I bought a few years ago from wasent shooting at paper when I tested my new pistol.I was under a bridge shooting at a old log the flood left this spring.The log was maybe 40 or 50 yards away.Next time I'll take targets and keep score.
    ADDED:I had to take a jewlers file to a bur that grew inside the slide where the barrel link pin went thru the barrel.The barrel did not want to come out of the slide for cleaning after my shoot.All fixed now.
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