tight magwell on m11
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Thread: tight magwell on m11

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    Default tight magwell on m11

    i have an SWD m11 that has a magwell so tight that i have to use a lot of force to insert and remove a mag. got to looking and notice a very slight concavity in the well like this (exagerated but you get the point).

    i can spread it out a hair but unsure the best way to do it. drive a mandrel thru the well or use some kind of spreader???

    i am afraid to start taking too much metal off the mags. the poly mags i have would not hold up very long if i thinned them down.

    any suggestions?
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    I had a similar issue. What I did was to go to Home Depot and purchased some 1/4 bar stock, think it was either 1.5 or 3 inches wide. I cut two of them to about the length of the mag well plus about 2 inches. I drilled a hole in it of the face of the vice on each side. I then placed the mag over the two bars and slowly open the vice and spread the mag apart. Do so slowly as you well have a great deal leverage and you can over do it.
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    You could do the same basic thing by shaping one piece to iron out the magwell to the right shape, then a bigger piece to cover one end. Use some all-thread and a nut to pull the anvil through to iron out the magwell.
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