New vid up on the MP44
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Thread: New vid up on the MP44

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    Default New vid up on the MP44

    A little vid I did on the MP44

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    Man, you got all the toyz!

    BTW, you mentioned in the vid you didn't know what the little rod above the bbl was for. Same purpose as the "Stacking Swivel" on a Garand. To keep the action out of the mud and to keep your rifle handy when you set it down, 3 rifles were stacked in a tripod pattern. On the Garand the swivels were linked together, on the MP/STg they used those rods the same way. I would assume they are all bent because at some point Ivan jumped out of the bushes with a PPsH squirting lead and the German soldiers were not very gentle when yanking the stack of rifles apart!.

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