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    "It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." --Samuel Adams

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    Looks like a great place for a vacation and shopping spree, yukedy, yuk!

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    Damn that is scary!! LOL. I had read an article regarding AK pattern rifles in Trashcanistan, and the author said that the Pakistani copies were the bottom rung P.O.S, that were not properly heat treated, headspaced, etc.... Basically worse than a Century build. LMAO!!! Now after watching that, I can see why. WAY too many big files and hacksaws. Loved seeing the guy handling the parts in the nickle tank with his bare hands. He'll be dead of cancer before he's 40. I was somewhat shocked though to see a couple of real machine shop tools. Lathe, mill, keyway cutter, etc.... I about laughed my arse off at the electric motor with the drill chuck mounted straight to the shaft. Never seen one setup like that before.

    Now all that being said, I would still like to have a couple of their products. The mag fed pump 12 gauge was kind of interesting, and I have always liked their 7.62x25 AK pistols. I would love to have some of the mags they use for those. Of course any product would have to be completely gone over to check headspace, temper, etc....

    I laughed at some of the stuff in the article I mentioned at the start, because some of the Paki "craftsman" hand made parts for the AK's that were basically made from memory, and with no actual purpose. On their hand made milled receivers, they put small indentations to mimic the spot welds of the stamped AK receivers. Like seriously, WTF?!?!?! Plus the rear sight ladders made no sense, and the marks didn't actually correspond to any real "setting". But I guess if you don't have the cash for a real weapon, a Paki gun is better than nothing. At least for a few rounds at least. You better hope that you kill your enemy quickly, and that he has a better firearm than you do, so you can trade up, so to speak. LOL.
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    "If they’re going to come here illegally, apply for & receive assistance through a corrupted Government agency encouraging this lawless behavior, work under the table & send billions of dollars each year back to their families in Mexico, while bleeding local economies dry, protest in our streets waving their Mexican flags DEMANDING rights, while I have to press ’1′ for English, then they need to be shipped back to where they came from!" -Chad Miller

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