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Thread: What is the value of this?

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    Thanks Sniper69

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    My Opinion Only...

    Real Value is $225.

    Current Value is $275.

    These are dangerous firearms to fire .308 Commercial Spec ammo in. They are 1893 Mauser Spec Recievers.

    Be Careful!!!

    For $299, you can buy a Mitchell Arms Mauser in 1898 Spec. Think hard about the FR-7...
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    Default sniper

    "Test you weapon in safety." We still have a few left. These sold like canteens of water in the desert.. Damn they went fast..
    Were now offering two for the price of $19.95 plus shipping, taxes in appropriate states, and any other fine print charges you fail to read..
    Tired of those weapons blowing up in your ex wife's face. Hot metal hitting the Hells Angel testing his weapon next to you.. Get Test A Weapon.
    Shoot from the safety of your living room, watch the whole neighborhood blow up.. When the Police arrive, cut the rope and tell them you saw the kids who did it.. Little punks..
    Ground shipping to states where legal, know your states laws.. Our operators are standing by, call now. Rope not included.
    1-800- testits.
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    4th - that gave me a good laugh this morning. I needed it this morning.

    For everyone on the advice about the gun, thanks. I didn't buy it, was just curious about it and its value (Besides, I'm saving my firearms budget for other things, lol. ).
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    Ted Nugent - speaking at the NRA convention April 17, 2005

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