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Thread: Steyr aug conversion kit - thoughts

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    Default Steyr aug conversion kit - thoughts

    I was thinking about buying another AR15 parts kit, this is part of my consolidate my weapons that shoot the same ammo and use the same mags for the SHTF moments. Then I saw this conversion kit to allow my Steyr AUG to fire AR15 mags. Which means that any of my cached locations that have AR15 mags I can use my AUG.

    Aug mags are expensive! and this solves that issue.

    Anyone use this setup to fire AR15 mags? Thoughts?
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    Can't afford an aug but I heard the conversation to ar mags works and is well worth the money.

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    yea -- the conversion is a bit pricy but worth it if you have a lot of ar-15 mags.

    you can sell the pricy AUG mags and get some $$ to cover the conversion.

    good cheap ar-15 mags are everywhere these days--

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    Thats the problem with dedicated mags, one either has to dive in or convert

    for my sig 551-A1 I bought a shit load of dedicated mags. then one day, i saw a ad someone wanted to sell there 556 lower ( which takes ar-15 mags) I bought it to have, because of the pile of ar-15 mags i have. the swiss 551 mags are far superior to any ar-15

    I have heard good thinks about the Aug conversions over at AR-15 fourum, my hunting buddies in Ireland are army reservist in that country, they carry the AUG they love it
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    Agree with everyone else... you will be paying "Aug mag prices" either way - conversion kit + AR mags |or| Aug mags and leave rifle alone. Either way they balance out. Mag Math is deceiving!


    $300 kit + 6 x 20$ (15?) mags. About 425 if you count shipping, etc.

    6x Aug mags @ $25- $40 each (varies on price on Gunbroker - you can find them for as low as 25 each right now) = $150 - $240.

    SOOOO..... what are you really saving? IMO it isn't THAT big a deal for the mags. Really it becomes a personal preference. I don't have many mouse-gun weapons. So for me I would stick with the proven Aug mags.

    Other considerations...

    Reliability - The Aug mags are reputed to be "jam proof" in that they are completely reliable. May be something to consider.

    Availability - Aug mags are MUCH more prolific these days so the rarity is no longer a concern IMO.

    Usability - the AR weenies like my brother all say you need AR mags so you can do the "quick change" stuff. WELL they have a quick-change solution which you can find videos for online. Basically hold the mag with your weak arm, use the mag to press the mag release lever so the loaded mag drops free, and insert the mag. Actually looks pretty easy so doing things "the AR way" isn't a concern to me.
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