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I'll never understand why, would they design a weapon system, or redesign a weapon system and use the 30-06, now don't get me wrong I love the 30-06 and I love the BAR but a 308 does everything a 30-06 does with 150 gr bullets, and 308 burns less power and takes up less space.. if a gun is gonna take up that long action why not go with the 300 Win mag?? Like Nemo's AR.. that is cool.. just not 5-6 K cool.. B2B
What is this .300 Win Mag Nemo's AR of which you speak?? Sounds interesting! Crap I just Googled it, and damn that is a sweet rifle. OMG. Definitely a lot of coin, but if you have the coin to play, why the hell not.

Yeah the HCAR serves no real purpose other than a range toy. Like 427 said, if you happened to have a buttload of surplus .30-06 it could be a cool range toy.