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Thread: Scope_of_2nd_Amendment_questioned

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    Angry Scope_of_2nd_Amendment_questioned

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    Ohhhh Bubba, there goes my bloodpressure again!!!!! Who are these people?? I guess we're just going to have to band together and form a militia. Will that shut them up?? Why are these people so intent on making us all victims who have no chance of protecting ourselves. It is a known fact that if these criminals even remotely think that we have the proper means to defend ourselves, whether it's in the form of a concealed pistol or even a rifle at home, then the odds increase exponentially in our favor that we will not become statistics! Can't they see that they are the ones who are creating this out-of-control crime problem in this country and that our second amendment rights are needed now more than at almost any other point in this country's history?? Maybe our malitia can be called:

    or, for short, "ALIVE"!
    It takes a nation of millions to hold us all back!

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