At this time Obama bin Laden and his ruthless gang are pushing hard to get a massive anti-gun "law" passed. This "law" could prevent decent peace-loving law-abiding gun owner from owning hundreds of firearms that are currently available. He is using victims of some of the tragedies that were commited by wacko shooters. He has used certain politically appointed police officers to back his actions. He has had school employees to support him. He has shamelessly exploited little children to push his agenda. He has the support of the United Nations, China has ordered him to disarm the "peasants." In other words, he is mining the anti-gun world for all the help he can get.
But, he has never included anybody from one American group. And, that is the 80,000,000 to 90,000,000 law-abiding decent patriotic American gun-owners. It cannot be denied that "gun violence" is committed by less than one one-thousandth of one percent of those who have guns. Is there any other group that has such a miniscule number of people who commit criminal acts? I believe that the evidence is overwhelming that we who enjoy owning firearms are the safest group in America. What other group of people can compare with our safety record? Car owners? Sports players? Just try to name one!
I do not for a minute believe that Obama is doing this for safety. I think that he is a tyrant, and like all tyrants, they want to rule over a helpless population that cannot defend themselves from his dictatorial activity. That's the way I see Obama's planned anti-gun "laws."