“The majority of the people will believe a big lie quicker than a small one.” Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Ever since the current administration took office, they have been pushing the mammoth lie that Mexican drug cartels are getting their firearms from the United States. However, there was no genuine proof for this rotten lie. So, what did the Administration do to validate this lie?
They ordered the BATFE to allow Mexican drug dealers to obtain guns from American dealers. The BATFE deliberately gave thousands of guns to those criminals. They did this for the sole purpose of “proving” a LIE! Since then, some of these guns have been used to kill Mexicans and Americans alike!
Allowing guns into the hands of criminals is a CRIME! If any civilian was caught doing that, he would be spending years in jail.
However, the Presidents “HENCHMEN” who committed these crimes have been rewarded and given promotions and lucrative transfers. Why are government criminals treated differently than civilian criminals? And, how much longer are the American people going to tolerate criminal activity by the government?