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Thread: Walmart pulled all the black rifles!

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    Question Maybe MUSIBIKE

    Quote Originally Posted by MUSIBIKE View Post
    I think they are liquidating AR15 stock before OBUMMER slaps the BAN into place? Then, they could be stuck with stock they cannot transfer.
    Or maybe they can not get them in stock? Hell Wally would sell sand in the desert, if their was a dollar in it..
    Remember they almost caved, from pressure from the antis a few years back.
    Then said "screw you" to much coin here.
    Nappy should take a peek at the taxes being made on gun sales in the U.S..
    Other than food, what the hell else are people buying these days?
    New cars?
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    I was going to make a thread about this, as Johnny V mentioned those companies are saying they aren't going to sell non-sporting rifles anymore.
    Actually Cheaper Than Dirt says they are stopping "all" firearm sales.

    Also one of the companies that is an investor in BushMaster, Remington & DPMS are putting their portion of the companies up for sale.
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    Was just at Wally World. After the speech they sold out in about half hour.
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    I just read that they are just sold and would continue selling ARs.

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