As we all know there a rea many issues that are on goverments plater, But here is one that is not. There is what is called the Self Determantion Act that was passed into law, Which bassically end of life decisions DNR etc. My Mother had such a document in place, and which a Catholic hospital In Syracuse NY Violated this order and not only that but preformed medical proceedures without the proper consent. and several other things as well. Under NY statre Law I have no grounds to sue beacuse the Hospital claims they did no harm, well they did harm not only involves the patient but the family as well. I have a petition started at the white house for this very matter, and for every violation done to a patient the sum starts at five thousand dollars per incident. If any hospital dose not wish to honor your DNR request it is thier obligation to inform the family and have that loved one transfered to another facility that will. I ask that you sign the petition I have statret and that is law but which is ignored in many cases with out the family ever knowing. I would appreate any and all signatures on this application
Thank You in advance ...Doc