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Thread: GOUGING, Tragedy & our hobby..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprat View Post
    hopefully dutigaf ( sean) will do the same with Woody over on weaponsguild
    Me too. He is a weasel. Especially since he was the one who approached us about doing the GB. We did not solicit him.

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    ok in with the quick answers...

    HCPOOKIE: flow busting is when the market is artificially pushed up... (gouged) not a regular price increase or value increase... but the flow, driven by panic is pushed and the sellers bust what would have been the usual cap or "stupid limit" of the purchasing public....

    knowing full well that they are just taking advantage & not caring.... so flow busting for short.

    7.62x39: im totally shocked on this GB news from Woodey and im sure its gonna get posted in the bad sales/deals section that we referred to.

    on the site to site level: thank you for having the balls to say & stand behind the stance like we are taking on this at WG... this is a controversial move to say the least but if we dont try to at least offer members some protection/awareness? there will be no stopping the gouging which in turn will KILL this hobby... & with it the wonderful sites like Gunco, MF & WG.

    thanks sdk
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    1st.I never cancelled this sale 7.62x39 did, I still agreed to the salebut limited it to 50 pc at that price. You could barlly get 25commited before the SHTF
    2nd. I never said this would be from stock on hand. I said I had stoke on hand & you ASSUMED that is where these would come from.
    3rd. I did limint it to current members, I didn't want a bunch of guys to just join to buy my UNDER priced lowers. Like I stated before this is why I don't like doing GB. Never had any drama on my WG GB. Ban me if you wish.

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