with the impending bans that will probably include everything ar-15, has any of the big-headed politicians give any thought to the economic impact -- of losing an entire industry?

the ar-15 is one of the last things made in the country -- if it is banned for sale domestically , it is all ready banned from export --so what happens to those factories making ar-15 and m16 parts?

the DOD is winding down from the ME--so they ain't going to be buying many.

i wonder if china has their eyes on all that hi-tec equipment used in making the ar-15s ?? what we lose here ends up THERE.

lots of people are going to be out of work , machinist, CNC operators,moulding machine workers, sales people, clerks, warehouse workers, shippers, not to mention the loss of sales to the retailers.

there are literally thousands of makers of ar-15 parts --and thousands of biz that rely on them.

the last thing made in america and the government want to do away with it?

does that sound like the government is at war with its small biz ?

it does to me--