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    I've been a member all my life and just extended for another 5 year membership period.

    They do need to get a bit more outspoken IMO ,,, but I'll stay there as a member still.

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    Here, the local gunshows have an NRA rep at the door, and if you sign-up or renew, they refund the entrance fee and charge $25.00
    last show I saw no sign of them .

    I haven even got my new card yet an I have gotten three postal mailing asking for money an a bunch emails telling me nothing other than there fighting for my rights.
    so in two weeks I have got three junk mailings . they need to send there mail to those who need it.

    I am pisssed there is no sort of rallies or protests. maybe there afraid some idiot will screw it up. they were blown off by biden .

    they really need to do some thing to say hey THE NRA IS MADE OF PEOPLE! im sick of hearing libs fighting the NRA it should be there fightingthe people of the NRA.

    they report new meambership is way up an that's great. we need laws passed that protect us.

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