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    Quote Originally Posted by Abukai08 View Post
    "There are two kinds of people, those that are prepared, and those that suffer"
    -FyredUp signature block

    Once they are marching and then you decide to act, you will suffer from lack of preparation. Not promoting anything just saying. If you are simply referring to prepping "in case" such an event should take place as to not suffer than you harbor the same mentality you just don't voice it.

    Oh and treason is harboring or aiding the enemy, but I think what the picture is promoting is dessention or sedition what would lead to what the military calls mutiny and what forefathers called revolution.

    You know I always gotta give you crap every time you say something like "you people" or " you all" when you post. That's generalization and that is wrong.
    It is one thing entirely to prep, and entirely another to believe in, plan for, and call for outright attacks on the US Government because of some delusional rationale that they are seconds away from a military take over of the country. I prep, not for total social, economic, or government collapse, but for what I see as actual situations where having stockpiled food, water and medicine are viable answers.

    To post a picture of someone aiming at a supposed US military helicopter and inferring that out only hope is to have an armed rebellion right now is completely insane and against the law whether you call it treason, sedition, rebellion, or what ever. There are no troops in the streets infringing upon our rights, or imposing martial law, or any other of the "Sky is falling" BS that has been spread here for years...

    I am not saying that IF the government moves to take over with the use of the military that we shouldn't rebel against that. Even the founding fathers supported that and it is the opinion of some that that is the reason for the second ammendment. But to call for it now is just plain Bat Shit Crazy and gives the anti-gunners exactly what they need to prove we are all a bunch of anti-government looney toon red necks just waiting to start killing anyone that gets in our way. Sorry that isn't me and honestly I pray to God that I never have to point a gun at anyone, let alone shoot them, especially in response to an attempt to destroy the country I love.

    As far as your generalization comment. It made me smile since every time I post a differing opinion someone rolls out the commie, socialist, liberal, leftist nonsense and makes the gemeralization that that is what I must be. Um, sorry no.

    I hope you had a good Christmas, I sure did!
    Life's a crap shoot. Sometimes you say crap and sometimes you shoot. Make sure that you don't mess those 2 up!

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    Its only a matter of time before they come to visit you, be ready. I will "die in a pile of smoking brass" before I give up anything.
    Clan MacPherson

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    i was hoping since the trolls funding got cut they might go away--apparently their so brainwashed they continue on--useful idiots to the end--

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