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    Default Email to Fox News

    Sent this to Fox News:


    I was very angered and disappointed to see the hosts on 'Fox And Friends' this morning call for registation of assault weapons and a new assault weapons ban as the answer to mass shootings in schools. They also said the Vice President of the NRA, Wayne La Pierre, was a hypocrite for calling for armed policemen to be stationed in our nation's schools to protect the students. Bill O'Reilly has also called for registration of assault weapons with the FBI on his show 'The Factor'. I could not disagree more with the hosts' and O'Reilly's comments.

    These type of comments are to be expected from Democrat propaganda networks like MSNBC, CNN and NPR. Since you have decided to join them and become a shill for gun control and the Democrat Party, I must regretfully cease to be a viewer of you network.

    Tom McGinley

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    "Assault Weapons" already require registration. They are all idiots.

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