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Thread: "DUDE! who STOLE my COUNTRY?"

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    Exclamation "DUDE! who STOLE my COUNTRY?"

    where did the andy griffon /mayberry RFD days go? where did my country go?

    we got an illegal alien in the white house whos only job outside government was selling smack as a street hustler in hawaii.

    we got a lying cheating back-stabbing congress and house whos word if anything has less value than an outright lie.

    we got a warped public education system that shows communism and socialism as shinning examples and also blames western ideals for ALL the worlds problems. hell to them the pledge of allegiance is "wrong" --prayer is WRONG--

    to me these little spoiled brat heathens need to PRAY they got a country when the grow up--cause the way it it looking it may be stole out from under them--

    we got a media that is so in bed the the body politic they put the soviet and nazi propaganda machine to shame in "repeating a lie often enough and it becomes the truth"

    where did MY country go?--this ain't it-- this is some kind of socialist third world hell hole i once laughed at years ago because it was so fuc$ed up and ass backwards.

    damn inflation is eating everything up, the real unemployment rate is staggering , home defaults are staggering and inflation is skyrocketing across the board.

    yet the the government just missed the "cliff" where the automatic taxes jump in--so were all safe??

    but a number of taxes just kicked in so did the gov really get anything done?

    regardless of what the government says TAXES are going up --they won't just come right out and say it.

    inflation is going to kick our asses in 2013.

    all this means LESS jobs not more --no matter how the media trys to spin it.

    somewhere in all the lies and spin there is a little sliver of truth, in that in the media telling a lie shows their trying to hide something---
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    Elections have consequences
    " Save a tree...........Eat A Beaver!"

    I seldom talk to liberals.............................. But when I do, I order fries............

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    The day after the election I was so disgusted that I couldn't even speak. We have a serious problem when more people are worried about who's paying for Sandra Fluke's birth control (I still maintain that God gave her all that she needs!) than we are about things like people working, a return to manufacturing, and getting government spending under control.

    BTW, I support EVERYBODY paying their "fair share", especially the 47% of folks that get more back than they pay in.

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    Default Yes they do

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradrock View Post
    Elections have consequences
    Yes they do, & I have been tearing my non-voting friends & acquaintances a new A-hole every time they decide to complain about Obummer to me.
    The ignorant disconnected lemmings...
    I won't mention the things that I've said to the IDIOTS that actually admit to voting for him...

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    Too many citizens were put into a state of unconsious bliss because how it easy their lives were. Now we are all paying for their lack of involvement with their gubermint's activities.

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