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it is all a part of being that new "minority" of straight white folks that work and pay bills.

you get discriminated against by the government authoritys. even though you pay the governments bills.

obamma is like a spoiled brat with his daddys credit card , blowing money on the wind yet defying his daddys call to shore up and be a man for once.
We have been discriminated against already. If you don't belive it see how far a member of congress would trying to push legislation banning a black person from post offices or asians from entering a federal building or school. People would freaking flip.

"Oh you can only have 10 round magazines... You can have as many abortions as you want, just stay away from big scary killer magazines." It's garbage The same people who cry when they feel their freedom of speech is being challenged because they were fired for saying stupid crap or punched in the mouth for saying stupid crap are the same people who want to take away other peoples' rights.

Sorry Mr Prez and Congress you do not get to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you want to follow. The Constitution was established to limit your powers, not ours and if you don't like it, f*ckin tough! No one asked you to be a politician.

Every single one of them should be extremely ashamed. How long did it take to avoid the fiscal cliff and we still got f*cked??? Now how long did it take them to vote on their own pay raises? Imagine that...

US Congress currently has a 12% approval rating and I bet they would be tickled pink to know King George III had a 15% approval rating by all working aged males in the colonies prior to 1776...