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Thread: Ak 47 parts kit?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheetmetaldoneright View Post
    I have seen on a couple of forums where people bought the receiver shell and downloaded a template with all the hole dimensions in place. Then of course glued the template to the shell and drilled their own holes. Now one question I haven't been able to find the answer to is are all the receiver holes the same for the ak-47? So If I bought a kit could I use that template or would I have to lay everything out myself?

    Welcome, peruse the library a lot of the info you mention including the template are in there.

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    AK builder, one of our sponsers here, has kits I think. The receiver blank(shell) is a fine way to go if you dont mind doing alot of cutting with a moto-tool. I've done several this way. It can be done with a moto tool, hand drill (a drill press is much better), all thread barrel press, and calipers. I beleive calipers are essential for getting the hole locations correct. A spot welder or mig/tig will be needed for the lower rail installation. And a mapp torch is great for hardning the rails and hammer/trigger pin holes. AK-Builder.com
    Clan MacPherson

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