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    I personally won't give a rat's ass about their behavior on a TV show that is tailored to "drama". And see it works... you are talking about it! As far as I'm concerned they're just folks who post up on the forum.

    I'm happy to see their "brand" is becoming more prolific. Never a bad thing!
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    Default Re Red Jacket & Sportmans Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradrock View Post
    I had the new Sportsmans guide Shooters catalog in the mail today & was pleased to see at least two full pages of Redjacket products! Everything from gun bags to that 10/22 zombie killer bullpup stock they made in one of the episodes. Even a line of Redjacket magazines in several flavors.

    Go Will!!! & Steph.

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    Hello Everyone,
    We all look for bargins where we can find them,thanks to the current goverment administration that is currently in place. Just a few words of caution. These companies open up one day and close the next even though SMGH has been around longer. And Dont get me wrong I do enjoy sons of guns its dose give some valueable information on certain projects that we may be doing or thinking about doing. First of all I check all avenues of weather or not complaints have been made against the company and what for. I looked up both Red Jacket Firearms, and gun smoke both have a failing grade by the Better bussiness Buerau the grade that was given was an F.

    As For Red jacket I beleive that they took on too much work to fast, and could not fulfill orders on time. which many people complained about, this I am willing to over look, the other problem is the Idoit that had the FFl in in his name that walked off the show leaving them in a bind. Due to the Fact they could not account for 10 firearms that was on thier books and those of you whom are dealers knows how ATF feels about incomplete paperwork. I do hope they get thier problems strightened out so they can get on the right track and get down to bussiness and be successful. As for the other Show Gunsmoke as far as Im concerned they can rubberstamo his ass done and off the air, He is arrogant and tries to beat people down on prices, knowing damm well what they are worth! to me in my humble opinion he just wants something for nothing and jack up the price to make a mint on the item shame on him!!!

    And as for SMG I ordered two Ar stocks sets, which neither was right parts were missing etc. I called them and sent a list of what was missing the only thing that was sent was a buttstock, nothing else! no spring no buffer tube etc. after the third call and a letter showing what was missing from the kit, they wanted me to send it back & for me to pay for the postage. Im sorry I didnt screw up the order! They did so they should have to pay for the return shipping etc. So they sent a lable out for them to pay the postage and get the item swapped out. And yet again they did the exact same thing. so now I get three times as pissed off. So I called and asked for a supervisor adn asked them what thuier problem was in filling an order when the are charging me 39.00 and I only get a 10.00 part? The package was even inspected for quality assurance and was still wrong! Whn I called these people, I was a bit irrate with good reason I expect what I pay for just as anyone here would!. When I asked the woman on the phone if the pickers fir the orders new anything abourt firearms abd parts Iwas informed that she new nothing about parts etc, and that many pickers did not eathier. And I have done bussiness with this company for over ten years, But that is all over with. I suggest that all builders make a list of good vendors and vendors to stay away from. It saves aggrivation in the long run.Just some friendly advise . I have had better luck lately on Auction Arms & ebay on certain items that are firearms related. I do Hope sonme of this information helps,,,,,Doc

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    Geeze guys! I just thought it was neato to see Redjacket in the catalog. Did not mean to start a judgement thread.
    Will & Steph are two folks that I would like to have as friends. They just don't come any better in my opinion.
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    I agree with Bradrock ,as for the show it was good and hope that Discovery channel gey there head out of there ass and put it back on. I hadn't met Will but he 's ok in my book .

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