Ammo panic question.
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Thread: Ammo panic question.

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    Question Ammo panic question.

    O.K. figured to put it here for more exposure..
    I listened too the man boy speak from D.C., with Bitme laughing next too him.
    Once he got too his third lie, I turned the tele off.
    Ammo. No restrictions from what I can gather, vendors just have too report large sales..
    With the manufactures working 24/7 to re-stock, do you think the ammo panic will end?
    Plus local news here just now, interview with a gun shop owner.
    What do you think about this run on gun purchases?
    "Well what I am seeing is not the long time gun owners buying, but people who are first time buyers."
    Now who would that be? Why those who voted for the man boy..
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    I ordered 16 Tapco 30rd mags on 12/20/12 and they just shipped from Texas a day or two ago.It seems everybody ran out of chet in this panic buy when chetskin ran his mouth.I beleave things will get back to normal soon if the government stops these attacks.Remember the Maine,RubyRidge,Waco,etc.
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    I believe they said he proposes a background check on ammo purchases.

    this fight is not over he is going push this with congress and bully them till he gets what he wants, he has the press, tv on his side

    if you thought he was arrogant before, now that he has a second term you have seen nothing yet, rumour on some of the other sites is Harry Reid made him tone down his arroganance yesterday
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    That's what I thought. The majority of people I had to stand behind in line were people saying it was their first time buying.

    And Sprat I can believe that. Harry Reid is a Senator in a very fun friendly state and many of the people who voted for him are NRA and gun owners. He is thinking about his job and probably reminding the prez that people are voting with their wallets. Many people who voted for him are probably the guys I was standing behind in line.
    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?" -Thomas Jefferson-

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    don't think for a second this is the end of this.

    when the big "O" gets these 23 things he wants --you should see the other 30 things he has lined up for EOs! and then they will be another 40 EOs to follow those!

    this is an attack on our rights , the constitution, and the firearms and ammo industry.

    obamma is settling up old scores --taking out former political problems like those pesky gun rights---
    we got at lest 4 more years of assaults on the constitution to look forward to.

    in the end we may be forced to bow down to the big "O"! i think that is # 100---

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