3 injured at gunshow
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Thread: 3 injured at gunshow

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    Default 3 injured at gunshow

    Wow just when all the other crap is hitting gun owners now we have those idiots that can't even make sure their guns are unloaded before they take them to a public place, a gun show no the less.....Then they accidently fire them off....

    5 injured after firearms go off at Ohio, N.C., Indiana gun shows - CNN.com
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    Yep, can you imagine unzipping your shotty for the Trooper to zip tie safe & it goes off?
    At the very least, your outta the show & maybe off to the slammer to think about it for a few days!

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    Guess it is true, you cant fix stupid.
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    Once again a stupid gun owner giving the Antis ammo. dangerous gun shows were people sell criminals guns and do stupid shit. that's what the media will say better shut them down.

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    was that guy named goomer pyle?

    there is one in every platoon---

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    At the gunshows in VA, you have to have your firearms inspected and action secured with a plastic zip tie before entering the show. Sounds like they need to start that in the other states too.

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