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Don't kid yourselves folks,, all it will take is a stroke of a pen to unleash the drones in this country. All some politician that feels threatened by some group,, yes even those pushing to keep our Constitutional rights,,,, ie,,,,,,, US,, we the people

All they have to do is sign a document and you and yours will be subject to attack too. Don't think it can't happen here in this country,, we already see how things are trending for our rights and the illegal methods and enacting of illegal laws there already using to control us a a people.

Don't think for one moment that if yomamma feels threatened that it can't happen in this country.

It's time to build our own drones,, and this can be done very simply, a R/C kit a semi auto ak or ar platform,,, even a 10/22 could be used with a go pro type camera with a transmitter and your in business. I've already done some research and it would take less than 2K to make an operational jet powered drone to combat anything the gov has in it's arsenal. One large enough to carry a weapons system would be to small and fast for the drones we have now to detect or combat. Go to any R/C fly in and you'll be amassed what's out there. Some of the jet models are super fast and crazy aerobatic. Way to fast and maneuverable for anything the gov now has to combat in any meaningful way.

It may sound kinda like "tin foil hat" type stuff , but I for one have little doubt that the current administration would consider such a thing,, or anything,, to be able to stay in power if it felt threatened. If there willing to take our rights away I have little doubt they willing to take our lives too,, I fear they'll do anything to stay in power. Including watching what goes on here or anywhere else on the net.

If We don't stand up now against what's going on with this government,,,we'll all be marching the "goose step" before ya know it.

Well put brother. I think you are dead on. All it will take is the stroke of a pen, and even that will probably be after the fact, to cover their collective asses after they already smoked a "dissident" and anyone standing near him.