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    Yep we need to look out for our own. I think some of the vendors have their employees sitting online 24/7 grabbing this stuff as soon as it's posted. Went to chantilly this weekend and they had alot of build parts and ammo but the prices were triple retail.

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    I think some of the vendors have their employees sitting online 24/7 grabbing this stuff as soon as it's posted
    I agree I think a lot of mags from midway , brownels an others who did not gouge went straight to gunbroker or shows once bought

    back when CFS had deals on kits every time they had a offering the same stuff was on gunbroker with in days for much more.

    if I had a way to buy 50,000 SR primers I could buy an resell in minutes regardless of my cost as long as it wasn't stupid money .

    Im sure there are guy scour scour ads an sights every day just to resell on GB or ebay every day.

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    Our local funshop, Simply Tactical is not gouging, and it has garnered them quite the rep lately. They have only been in business for a year, but they are now the go-to place for AR 15s and assesorys.You may have to wait awhile to get your stuff, but it will be fair price. In the next town over there is WWW, you folks from this AO know the scumbags I'm talking about. Before the panic they advertized Ar15 for $599. Olympic cast crap. After the panic, $1800, I shit you not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtdew View Post
    Tanvil, got your PM. Thanks for helping me out. Like 4th said, "What goes around, comes around." I had just sent out a psl bayo lug to a member here, free of charge, free ship. Hell, I didnt need it, and shipping was only a coupla bucks. Must have got some good karma out of it!
    You know, I have been finding the same thing....I just shipped out an old Mauser barrel that was TOAST, but he was happy with it. He's sending me an AR Bolt (I sent $ as well of course, it was not a straight across swap).
    Imagine whirled peas

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