Hey Gang ,
( oh Wait I shouldnt use that term ( those who may be lurking for the other side may then consider us armed gang bangers LMAO) But In all seriousness. I received a email today from the American free Press and the head line was " WE CAN KILL ANYBODY" i'LL PLACE THE LINK AT THE bOTTOM OF THIS POST. It really seems to me that thing sare gettting way out of hand, Yes we have a terroist problem both forgin and domestic. and yes there have been some of our own people/ citizans are brainwashed by these fanatical extreamist. the almight suicide bomber. Well Hwers a though if one ever approached me I d say ummm Im not sure I under stand what to do go over in that field and show me how its done! so I dont mess up lol .Its kinda along tha same joke as the Kamazie pilots in WWll, that so many of them were so good they didnt make it past pratice!, Ok enough with the bad jokes.

In reality I do not know where the president gets his wacked out ideas from, But rte killing of US Citizans in forgin countries if they are allegedly a head of a terroist organaztion or a high ranking member. it obivious that all Honest Americans & even those whom are honest and hard working seeking citizanship in our country. Want an ends to this massive cluster fuck! the goverment is not helping one bit, only to bring the body count up on both sides by engaging in a war that should have been handled diffrently in the first place. This war is just a bit diffrent than Vietnam, where you didnt know who the fuck your enemy was, hes US GI JOe Wanna Be during the day, and North Vietnamiesse by night targeting United States Soldures and killing them in horrific ways. I fwe do this we are banned as war criminals. And ther is no diffrence in the wars we are in mow. the men we train so we can pull out of afganistan are turning on thier trainers and killing them. and who really is the at fault for our American Citizans and Military personal dying for what> just because some peverted extreamist says we are infidels and must be delt with, according to the extreamist & thier interpitation of the Koran. this The situation at hand is becomming out of control. Stoning women to death for adultry, wheather it is proven or not, Family Honor Killings. We should have nothing to do with these people. If in fact the honest citizans want out if these countries fine help them get out, and be done with it. I have lost many friends in these stupid wars, and what is it all over? the east hates the wet and the lifestyles we lead, but yet thier trerroists come here and mingle and do just as we d and enjoy life here, until thier time comes to blow domething up and kill innocent men women and children. It is a clear as a brand new peice of glass, that these attacks are not going to stop, they will continue the writting is already on the wall. obumblefuck and riden biden seems to be under the impresson that we can stop this war and that alquida is not as powerful as they once were. There is a bet I would'nt take, its a suckers bet.
and now obama come ups with this brilliant plan that he can kill us citizans.
if they are a high ranking member of anyof th terroist organizations, Sure Just make a martar out of them thats what they want, not to serve a prison sentance of life imprisionment without the possibility of parole. As much as I hate to say it if this so called american citizan has no weapon on his person and tries to surrender, You juts cant kill them, No matter how much one may want to for what they have done.American sympithizers with these organaztions are nothng more than traders to thier country and should be tried for treason, in a court and then be punished. Obama has plans in rthe works that have me a bit worried, What is next people who excersise the right to the first amendment of freedom of speech, will be targeted by goverment officals. It has even been mentioned that the so called blue helments Un Goons maybe taking ovcer obama gun grab, in the past few days here on the news they have been reporting that TSA workers are being seen everyehere, some stopping traffice and doing traffice stops. Im sorry these guys are just security officers and have no scope of authority when they are off thier assigned post, which Im sure that this will change, once the goverment puts thier program together.
Do I hava any faith or trust in the United States Goverment, lets just say its dwindling fast Do I doubt that obama would have US Citizans Killed or Imprisoned fo rnothing ,Hell no I dont doubt it. we as a nation have a duty to ourselfs and to our fellow countrymen ( & Country woman! must be politically correct here or at least make an attempt to do so) to keep them safe and free from oppression and an unjust goverment. We see all these countries rising up against thier tyranical goverment. I wonder how much longer its going to take before the United States Citizan says enough is enough! In the short of things if the President is willing to kill US Citizans that he belives is a terroist, he can do so according to the new lans. And now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question, If he is willing to do that, How long will it take before US Citizans will be targeted for extermination for just disagreeing with the goverments views. We are headed to a very dark place, and it comming fast, Dont be duped by the disgruntled dummys and power hungry morons in the white house and else where fight back!...Doc

We Can Kill Anybody | American Free Press