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    "We don’t dispute that the tax is due,” says Hamilton Davison of the American Catalog Mailers Association. “The issue is how it’s collected. It’s not easy to collect for 9,600 different state and local tax jurisdictions.”
    Retailers, lawmakers revive call for Internet sales tax - Business on NBCNews.com

    Technically, depending on your state. You are supposed to "voluntarily" pay your states sales tax when purchasing over the internet.
    If they have a business in your state or not..
    Key here is voluntary.. They really had no way of enforcing it..
    This bill would settle that problem..
    Now the problem of taxes in general.. Nappy and crew, are looking into every square inch of space they can find, to collect taxes.
    Have to get the deficit down, so Nancy piglozie can get her jet back.
    The British tried it in the 1700s, it failed. King George got pissed and tried to take the peoples guns away, in-case their was problems collecting. That failed..
    See any correlation? They are running out of people to tax.
    Wonder what will happen then?

    "Nancy Pelosi begs us not to ruin her dignity by cutting her paycheck"
    Nancy Pelosi says cutting Congress' pay undermines dignity of job
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