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    Default Hey, Mr. Obama:

    There’s something that you ought to know. All of the news channels are pushing your anti gun agenda on TV today. That includes Fox, a pretend Conservative channel. They have been going on about how guns are evil ever since that senseless slaughter in Newtown, Connecticut. They all agree that Mr. Lanza did actually not commit the crime, GUNS did! And, they are pushing your idiotic policy that banning guns will turn America into a Paradise. And, it goes on and on, day after day, ad nauseum. The media are pulling out all the stops for you! And, they will all be gloating if you prevail!
    But, guess what? All of this nefarious activity is having an effect that you might not have anticipated. The constant bombardment against the Second Amendment by your henchmen in the media is waking up a lot of people. There are millions of Americans who have been sitting on the fence about whether to buy a gun or not. These people have been waffling between the choices of “To buy or not to buy.” Well, it seems that your media puppets have convinced millions of Americans that NOW is the time to get off of the fence. “If I ever hope to own a gun, I had better do it now!” Gun stores are crawling with first time gun buyers! I love it! I wonder how many new gun owners have been created during the time it takes me to write this?
    Before the Newtown tragedy, there were an estimated 80 million gun owners in America. The estimate was that these people possess somewhere between 300 and 500 million firearms. Many of these are untraceable. Unless you can instill the fear of what you may do into those owners, there is no way for you to know who has what. And, I believe that most gun owners do NOT intend to turn them over to you and your gang, no matter how much you threaten them! If all of America's gun owners were to unite and be of ONE MIND ( of course, this is doubtful, but millions will), we would be the greatest and strongest army in the world! We would be bigger than ALL the armies of world combined-including the United States.
    My hope is that your puppet media's constant attacks on law abiding gun owners will add 5 or 10 million more to our numbers. 90 million; doesnt’ that sound wonderful? I hope that there are enough guns available that every patriotic American who wants one will find it! GO AMERICANS! Get them while you can!

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    Barky is the leading Bovine Scatologist in America.

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    The sad part of this is, go out and try buy 223 or762x39 ammo or reloading supplies and they are either nonexistant or the store wants to gouge you real bad. Thank god I purchased a quanity of both a while ago

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