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    Default Body armor question and specs

    I'm interested in filling my plate carrier with some LVIII armor but not sure which is better and with all the hype right now, would I be getting the best.

    I thought was to do LVIII plates then wrap them with soft armor making the equivelent of LVIV. I have read were people are doing this. What are the thoughts on that.

    Also I have seen these types of plates. Which are better and why (besides weight)

    HY100 STEEL

    AR500 Steel

    Ceramic plate

    Kevlar plate

    I also notice some vendors selling the AR500 plates state the plates have been tested to LVIII standards but they don't come out and say they are certified at LVIII. This concerns me.

    Need some help deciding whats what and the best thing for me. I'm looking for both front and back 10X12, and side plates 6X8

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    I can only talk on what I know so here goes.

    The AR500 Steel plates are heavy, but they take multiple hits extremely well even if the hits are placed close together. They are good against most commonly used pistol and rifle rounds up to 30-06. AP ammo does a lot more damage, but sof armor backings would mitigate that. Hot loads of 5.56 (55 grains or less) would easily pass through the AR500 Steel, so again would recommend soft armor backings. The price is a lot more managable (you can get a front and rear plate for less than $200). One negative it the potential of fragmentation upon impact.

    Ceramic plates take hits extremely well, just not multiple hits in the same area. My issue with Ceramic plates is they are a lot easier to damage during normal use (do not drop them on the edge or corners... trust me) which sucks because they are a lot more expensive. Good thing, extremely low risk of any fragmentation. I really don't have much experience with the other two though. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help.

    I run AR500 steel plates in my carrier due to it's ability to take a good hit and not deliver a huge hit to my Visa card.
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    i like the m1 tank, it goes for about $15,000,000 not counting taxes and delivery fees--

    and it gets 4 gallons to the mile! --your mileage may vary--

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