when "LAWS" win, "FREEDOM' loses!

According to the Guiness Book of Records, The united States has more laws on the books than any other country in the world! During the last few decades the American people have been buried beneath an avalanche of legislation - the bulk of which is to control the people! Various strata of government - city, county, state and federal - are working full time to push through a never-ending list of laws. And, we call ourselves FREE!
I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said that "The government that rules the best, rules the least." But, today there are so many laws and rules that it is impossible for anybody to not run afoul of some law every day.
How does so much of this heinous legislation get passed? Well, a common trick by America's Legislooters is to attach a bunch of rotten bills to a bill that has favor with more people. For example, there may be a spending bill proposed to keep the government running. This may have popular support. But, Senator Wynnbagg wants to push his anti-gun law through, but, is finding little support for it. So, he attaches it to the Spending Bill. And, if Congressman Foghorn doesn't want to vote for the Bill because of its gun control attachment, the Media will accuse him of wanting to "shut down the Government." So he votes for the money bill and that bill drags the gun-grabbing bill through, too. This is every day "Business as Usual" policy in Washington, DC (District of Criminals). And, of course, the Commander in Thief will never veto any Bill that has a gun grab in it. Thus we have to live under more and more repressive laws.
Can this rotten type of activity ever be stopped? Only if every single piece of Legislation has to pass or fail on its own MERITS! It should be required that this be the proper way of doing business in all locations where laws are passed that affect the RIGHTS of Americans to be FREE! Otherwise "AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE - REST IN PEACE!