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    Health Dept.: Homeless Can’t Eat Deer Meat
    Feb 25, 2013
    By Todd Starnes

    Hunters across Louisiana are outraged after state health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.

    The Dept. of Health and Hospitals ordered the staff at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission to throw 1,600 pounds of donated venison in garbage bins – and then ordered then to douse the meat with Clorox – so other animals would not eat the meat.

    “Deer meat is not permitted to be served in a shelter, restaurant or any other public eating establishment in Louisiana,” said a Health Dept. official in an email to Fox News. “While we applaud the good intentions of the hunters who donated this meat, we must protect the people who eat at the Rescue Mission, and we cannot allow a potentially serious health threat to endanger the public.”

    That statement set off a firestorm among hunters and lawmakers who called it outrageous and insulting.

    “That’s a mild understatement,” said Richard Campbell, one of the founders of Hunters for the Hungry, a group that has been donating wild game to shelters since 1993. “Hunters are going nuts over it. It’s created an outrage across our state and even over into Mississippi.”

    The controversy started when someone being fed at the rescue mission complained about being fed deer meat.

    Henry Martin, executive director of the mission, told Fox News they’ve been serving deer meat for years – from deer chili to deer spaghetti.

    “This was really good meat,” he said. “It’s high in protein and low in cholesterol. It’s very healthy.”

    Martin said he was extremely bothered by the way state health inspectors handled the situation.

    “You would think we would have due process,” he said. “But they meant to destroy the meat – that’s for sure.”

    The mission’s chef asked if they could at least return the meat to the processing plant – but the state officials said no.

    “They actually took it out to the dumpsters, split the packages open and poured Clorox on it,” Martin told Fox News.

    He said the rescue mission serves 200,000 meals a year – without a single dime of assistance from the state or federal governments. As a result of the confiscation, he said as many as 3,200 meals were lost.

    “It seems like this was a senseless act,” he said. “I don’t think hungry people who come to our mission appreciate the fact they could have been eating some really good venison and as it is now – no one can eat it.”

    The Health Dept. defended their actions and said they had to pour Clorox on the meat as an “extra precaution so that animals would not eat it from the dumpster and become sick or die.”

    “This is a process called ‘denaturing,’” they stated.

    Campbell said the venison comes from deer management programs – where hunters have to kill a lot of deer.

    “We ask our hunters once they fill up their own freezers to give the extra to the needy,” he said.

    Once the deer is donated, a local processing plant prepares the meat for the shelters.

    And hunters in the Sportsman’s Paradise have always responded to the call – including State Rep. Jeff Thompson.

    “As a hunter and somebody who has personally donated deer to this program, I’m outraged and very concerned,” he told Fox News. “You hear about these stories anywhere and it’s a concern – but when it happens in your own backyard it’s insulting.”

    Thompson said he is meeting with the heads of state agencies as well as state lawmakers to make sure the rules are changed.

    “We take pride in helping our neighbors and to see thousands of dollars worth of meat that would help the hungry go to waste is absolutely disturbing to me,” he said.

    Thompson said at the very least the meat should have been returned to those who donated it.

    “We want to make sure the generosity of hunters and processors are honored and the hungry are provided with the food they are very much in need of,” the lawmaker added.

    Click here to get more information on the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission.

    Todd is the author of Dispatches From Bitter America – endorsed by Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. Click here to get your copy!

    Health Dept.: Homeless Can’t Eat Deer Meat | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

    tanvil; Years ago I had a subshop and we baked the bread on site. At closing time any sub rolls left were delivered to the local homeless shelter.

    So in this new world order, many people who really do need food are not allowed to get it from their local community because one moron doesn't eat venison?

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    Well tanvil you evil evil man... How could you give bread several hours old to the needy. You sir, are a monster. You could have so given them deer meat..

    I have an idea lets compare the list we have for the government to follow and the list of rules them make us follow... Piss you off yet?
    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?" -Thomas Jefferson-

    "Our rights come from our humanity and may not be legislated away -- not by a vote of Congress, not by the consensus of our neighbors, not even by agreement of all Americans but one." Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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    Nowhere in that article was it asked or explained why the law exists. Only that it does exist.

    Following a law to the point that it does more harm than good is called malicious compliance.

    That sucks.

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    Govt cheese only allowed...
    Keep the change-I just want my Country back!!!

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    About a dozen years ago I went to the local food bank and they told me no-way--no-how could I give them or could they take wild hog. Man, we got wild hog up the arse. Now a couple buddies and I have been smoking hog and serving it on weekend at a few local homeless camps. A lot of these guys even wash-up for when we come. It's like a special 'day out' for them.

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    Again, it's all about CONTROL. The government doesn't care about the homeless. They care a bout rules and regulations, and controlling people. They laugh when we have to jump through their hoops like a trained poodle. State level is sometimes worse than the fed. Unfortunately lots of places do the same thing. Hell old POS Bloomberg in NYC won't allow the homeless to be fed fried foods, or anything that "HE" considers junk food. I'm sorry, but if I'm starving, I'm more than willing to eat hog, venison, Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, etc.... It's insane the amount of food that we as Americans waste every day, that someone would literally kill to eat.

    30 years ago before I joined the Marine Corps, me and my best friend had a cheap apartment together, and we could barely make rent, much less pay for groceries. I lost about 20 pounds while we were living there. Any rate, he got a job at Red Lobster doing food prep, and at the end of the night the employees got to take the leftover food home. For about a month we ate like kings!!!! Then they got a new store manager who told them they would be fired for taking any food products home. Well some of them got smart, and they started wrapping up the leftovers and putting them on the top of the trash and then they would go take the trash out to the dumpsters and carefully lay their tightly closed bag of food on the top of garbage in the dumpster. Aft6er closing time, they would go pick it up on their way to the car, and take the food home. The manager heard about this and started personally supervising the employees taking out the trash. He would make sure that all bags were ripped open, and he would spread rat poison on all of it. What a freaking d*ckhead!!!!!!!!! That's some people's mentality.
    Enforcement, NOT Amnesty!!!!!!

    "If they’re going to come here illegally, apply for & receive assistance through a corrupted Government agency encouraging this lawless behavior, work under the table & send billions of dollars each year back to their families in Mexico, while bleeding local economies dry, protest in our streets waving their Mexican flags DEMANDING rights, while I have to press ’1′ for English, then they need to be shipped back to where they came from!" -Chad Miller

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    government at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndAmendican View Post
    Again, it's all about CONTROL. The government doesn't care about the homeless. They care a bout rules and regulations, and controlling people.
    " The world is a very dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who do nothing about them." - Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

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    Of course it's all about control. In Medieval times it was illegal to kill the king's deer. The whole point was to keep the serfs dependent on the King for their sustenance and if they didn't keep working in the fields and for the benefit of the King (or other aristocracy) they would be cut off and starve to death. The same reasoning applies today whether it's feeding the homeless and needy the "King's deer" or getting that EBT card (food stamps) or welfare check. This time work to pay taxes, fees, license, penalties, etc. and reward them with scraps for votes. Nothing really has changed - It's the same thing - just different times. Feed the serfs the scraps from the King's table as long as they keep working and providing for the King (or powerful elite). Giving the homeless and needy free "King's deer" meat is mostly symbolic and must be crushed as it diminishes the power of the King (or in our case - the all powerful government).
    When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America , you get a front row seat. - George Carlin

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