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    hmmmmm well there is some truth in billys words

    We have a lot of missuses of or freedoms .

    I dont agree that laws should be written to control people more but I do feel that
    there id a moral decay were a anything goes attitude has caused a lot of the issue we see today . The problem is people have no longer have the same sense of right an wrong or fear of consciences for there actions. we have broken marriages, drug use, violence portrayed in the media avenue's like radio, TV, Internet, texting telephones, etc, lower sexually morality, lower religious belief's, mixed marriages no concept of sin, lower respect for out neighbors, our children are raised by daycares an schools .

    The last 125 years has brought tremendous changes in man kind . If you ever get a chance talk to a really old person an realize the changes they have seen cars, radio, TV . computers, Internet, all electronics, air plains, several world wars, electricity to the common person, Plastic, birth control, women's rights, blacks rights, gay rights, space ships , nuclear weapons, Indoor plumbing , transportation changes, Religions from other sides of the world, credit cards, Diseases like AIDs , sciences an medical advances, Power loses by main stream religion , loss of belieaf in god , Drugs , prohibition , expansion of city's an loss of farms , women in the work place, racial equality changes, increases in crime.

    My recent talks with a very sharp 104 year old women was a real eye opener. The world has likely changed more in her life than in any other generations in history .
    IM not sure our values an ideals are up pace with our current explosion of technology . Im sure at some point much of our current legal an social parameters will need to be adjusted or they will be completely lost.

    As far as gun control I really think gun owners need to do a gut check an ask if there actions although legal are acceptable. Im sure in 1776 a idiot on a gun was still a idiot. A lot of the problems we have is from idiots. Be that from over zealous Zombi hunters to stupid non respectful hunters to the people who think any arm should be allowed by any one. I would not trust any one of you with a nuke nor would you or should you trust me. What we as responsible gun owners need to do is reliaze if we keep on the path we are something will change. Many here likely think we should all be allowed machine guns, or grenades, or possibly poison gas or what ever the ,military has . Many here are some were in the middle . some here have no issue with a back grond check some do. some here migt even not have a issue with a 10 round mag limit.
    every time some one abuses there right's or don't care what others think or act with out regard to consequences It is going to get a reaction .

    You have me speak out about some of the Utube videos were guys are showing off with there brand x wonder weapon or there bump orama stock, getto attitude, My room clearing special it better than yours , what ever they think is cool. .

    Maybe we need to look at some of the 10 commandments or what ever set of values you guide your life by an how they relate to bragging, showing ,off, doing stuff just because it legal even if its not smart taking revenge an how we interact with our fellow humans. As gun owners we are not innocent of all of the factors that cause people the want to take away our rights under our constitution.

    IMO its a pretty safe bet that the USA as we know it will no longer exist. No government ever does stay the same the notion that we will always be protected by our constitution will be there forever is likey a miss guided one. Some day there will be a change either by war, vote, overthrow, space invasion , plague who knows.

    IMO gun owners need to think before they do stuff an think about how thre perceived by others including other countries. Some day how were perceived an what were aloowed may not be protected by a constitution buy what human eveloutin has determined is correct for the times.

    I believe in the rights in the constitution I also reliaze there are some issues in many parts of it that don't work well in todays world. The fact is we are never going back to 1776 things do change. Yes we are in a war to protect our values an the ideals that have made this country great for around 220 years, but I think we really need to start thinking what is going to work for the next 200 years. I think we need to realize that at some point were going to see some changes. I think we need to protect our selves from those who are power hungry an insure that every honest man with values has a voice . How we do that I have no answers. I keep seeing gun owners becoming more an more at odds with many that we live with . MY thought's are how do we not continue to alienate our fellow American's an gain there support . How do we get the media to report things that show our side, how de we keep people from fearing guns???? Gun owners are the only ones who control how we are perceived. At time I do get a feeling of just because its legal dosnet mean we should do it an then brag about it or shove it down others throats.

    I saw a guy yesterday with a AR ( gun don't matter) at a range who was a total idiot. He had every right to act like he did but seriously even as pro gun rights guy he me me sick he was why so many people hate so called assault weapons. he was arrogant he made it seem like he was better than others because he was armed , he had no gun safety skills, he shot like a ass hole, left trash, had the car stereo blaring . just a f^%king ass hole no respect for any one an the whole time blabbing about his rights. . Honestly It made me question why I would ever support a semi auto in the hands of a civilian if I didn't already have them or was a non gun owner . We need to police our selves who every got this idiot into guns or raised him needs a ass beating . There are to many of these idiots in our society.

    Our gun range has no ban on rapid fire an as of yesterday I know a range worker will be pushing for it. I honestly am not sure I can blame him. I felt embarrassed as a AK/ assault style rifle owner because of him. I really was at a loss of words .

    JUST BECAUSE ITS LEGAL DONT MEAN WE SHOULD DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My opinion of Bill Clinton is lower than whale dung lying on the ocean floor. Like so many others, to me he was "Slick Willy." He was the worst liar that ever lived in the White House that I am aware of. He was a sexual pervert. If he hadn't been President, he would have had to register for the rest of his life as a convicted sexual criminal. I never voted for him and I never will vote for another Clinton if one comes slithering along.
    I am pro gun and have had guns since 1955. But, when Clinton was elected, I only had a couple. One of the first things out of Clinton's big mouth was that he was going to ban guns. When I heard that, I DID believe him. I called all of my relatives that I though might be planning to purchase guns someday. I told them: "Get them NOW! This jerk is not kidding!" And, a few did.
    I myself went on a buying splurge. At that time you could buy brand new SKSs for under $100. I soon had several. I also bought cases of different types of ammo. And, I have continued to do so ever since. I have most of my shooting stuff because of Bill Clinton. When the current little Tyrant took office, I considered that I had eneough to last the rest of my life. However, I did continue buying a few boxes of ammo every payday. I did add a few more weapons to my herd. I am weel satisfied that I have enough for the rest of my days. While so many people are crying now about the lack of firearms and ammo, I am satisfied that I can go with what I have. If a good priced product came along, I might grab it. But, I don't really have to worry about trying to get something. I guess that I do owe that to Slick Willy!

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