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Thread: The Line at the Gun Show is a Mile Long in San Diego (Del Mar)

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    Back in the early 80's I went to a gun show at the Cowpalace in San Francisco. It was great, I loved it, every thing from 16th century cannons to the newest Lasers sighting systems. I even think there were military recruiters there. It sad to say but now the state is a basket case with about as much hope as a Haiti refugee

    I used to got to that one as well in the 80,s it was awesome . I lived in Santa Rosa most of my life.

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    Everytime I see "the DELMAR" show I think it's one near the Delaware/Maryland line, there's a town name Delmar in southern De.

    and each time i keep saying "You know, next time, im nto going to bother going". I think i might adhere to that for next time
    I started saying that and doing it for the most part last year, the Harrisburg PA show was the largest in the N.E. for a while but it just worth it anymore.

    And for the line thing. Went to the York show a little while ago (either just before or after Christmas) with a friend and we couldn't find a place to park in the usual area, so we decide to go toward the back entrance/exit and just walk. Well once we saw the line going out the gate (like 3/8-1/2 mile) and onto the side walk outside the fence, we kept going and went back Sunday.
    Of course we didn't really find anything priced to buy, but we had fun looking at all the over priced stuff for sale
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