Senator Rubio,

I am contacting you to inform you of my opinion regarding the recent comments of your colleague Senator Diane Feinstein.

First of all, her continued attempts to punish law-abiding Americans for the acts of a few criminals and mentally disturbed people are a blatant sign of an agenda which rivals the intent of the Bill of Rights. This is a clear assault on the rights bestowed upon us by a higher authority and not a temporary representative the likes of Senator Feinstein. Please represent me in continuing to oppose any and all attempts by Senator Feinstein to advance her agenda to make the rights of free men and women into an illegality.

Second, during a recent Judiciary Committee meeting on March 7, 2013, the issue of allowing Veterans to possess what Senator Feinstein defines as an “Assault Weapon” , should her “Assault Weapon Ban” be passed, was brought up. Senator Feinstein’s comments to this matter are as follows: “The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transfer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member or veteran and there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this.” As if to compound that statement she went on to say: “I think we have to—if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally, don’t have access to this kind of weapon.”

Mr. Senator, this is a despicable display of disrespect and lack of trust in my brothers and sisters who put their lives on hold and volunteered to serve this nation and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I have served the United States in both Iraq and Afghanistan and I feel I have done more than enough to be trusted by my country. I am personally offended at the thought that a country which I have sacrificed for would label me “Mentally Unstable” and not fitting to exercise the very rights I took an oath to defend. I am also sure my father who fought Communism during the Vietnam War and my grandfather who fought Nazis in World War II would be greatly offended to be told that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a “New Phenomenon” or “A product of the Iraq War” as would many survivors who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.

I, as an American and a Veteran, am asking you to oppose any attempts by Senator Feinstein to strip the rights of ANY AMERICANS who she feels are so beneath her. I say “She feels are so beneath her” because obviously her right to carry a weapon has not been in question although, by her own admission, she was a witness to an event which traumatized her.

Please continue to represent those of us who value our rights and oppose Senator Feinstein’s agenda, her atrocious example of leadership and her blatant disrespect to the men and women who have served this country.