NCY and bloombuergs soda pop ban/WTF?
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Thread: NCY and bloombuergs soda pop ban/WTF?

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    Default NCY and bloombuergs soda pop ban/WTF?

    Judge Overturns NYC’s Soda Ban |

    lets see what is the government banning today?-- hell a better question would be what is the government NOT banning?

    between al-gore, bloomberg, and Obamma the USA is not going to have a pot to piss in --cause pots will be BANNED!

    hell i better call 911 to get the swat team out i think i see s kid with a 22oz pepsi!

    hell i can see NYC today -- some kid goes into a store the store is full of homosexual porn and sex toys , the kid grabs up a bunch of porno-shit and heads to the counter , and he grabs a soda-pop out of the ice box on his way there.

    when he gets to the counter the guy behind the counter says " sorry kid! i can't sell you that!"

    the kid says "you mean i got to put the gay porn and sex toys back?" the man behind the counter replys "hell no! that 20oz soda is ILLEGAL!"--

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    The NYC ban failed as I knew ir would for now anyway, bloomburg is a fucking crackpot, who thinks he can do whatever he wishes, If the man was starving and in need or a meal and water, Just because of his intentions to ban citizans rights, and waisting money on a large soda bans. Thsi aught to tell everyone this guys is a complete and utter moron, the quicjer he is out of office the better, But keeopp in mind he's another asshole whos;s thinking of that big oval office and can I get elected? I say no way in freeking hell,,,,Doc

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    So,, with all the money that was expended on this whole "Soda wars" thingey,, how much did this really end up costing the NY taxpayers I wonder?? Not just the debate time, but every other pi-dilly expense involved,, right down to the pens and note books,, document printing, legal prep/consultations, there was many late night debates too ,,, so building staff overtime, kitchen staff overtime (Yes the legislators have there own kitchen facilities there, just for themselves),, Security Guard overtime,, ect,, ect,,, ect,,,,,see where I'm going,,,endless expenses involved.

    Millions and Millions, no doubt !

    For What Pourpose???

    AND YA WONDER WHY ,,, this country is in economic trouble,, ,,,, Good Lord!!

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    He is apealing the judgement. Guess whose money he's using for the apeal?? New York taxpayer's money. It's hard to fight the gov,t and yourself at the same time.

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