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    dcholl & 1biggun

    "In some states you will be disqualifed for a restrainging order even if it was never proseuceted, and the case dismissed....Doc "

    back in 01 my now ex attempted this on me ... her "New " BF had extensive priors.. felony assualt ...felony2 murder etc etc... Dude new the system . Fortunatly for me I had alot of help from LLE & County sherriffs (friends) . Whom gave me the heads up . EX & BF did this kinda stuff to extort $$$ outa me . What totally saved my ass was not having joint property ownership and a valid Prenuptual agreement . But , It still costed me @ 20 K

    BB got it right ....


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    I have a buddy in MD who was dating one of those prozac queens who likes to drink too.. (run Forest, run)

    One night she mercs out. She gets her paws on one of his pistols, he disarms her and calls the police to have her removed from his home because she wouldn't leave on her own accord.

    The county police show up.

    The two of them GO OUTSIDE. Outside is KEY here.

    He explains that she is drunk and he simply wants her off the premises. She runs her mouth like a contestant on the Jerry Springer show. Through cleverly crafted questioning the cops eventually learn that she pulled a gun on him.

    They proceed to tell him that she is now under arrest and all of his guns need to be surrendered to them immediately FOR HIS PROTECTION.

    Of course he refused, and demanded them to remove her from the premises.

    If he had not gone outside there would have been nothing he could have done to stop them from stealing his guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Blade View Post
    This is why we have several multiples of firearms stashed and cached offsite for retrieval later
    Not all the guns here are mine, and not all my guns are here. Several friends and I "foster" guns at each others' homes, spreading the risk of theft, fire, black helicopters, etc. We each take the added risk of losing *some* guns, with the benefit that not *all* could be lost. Well, theoretically it's possible to intercept e-mail and phone communication and determine my circle of friends, but there's still no way for them to prove which guns belong to whom.

    It's not a perfect system, but it's workable.

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