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Thread: Shop in CT has license revoked ?

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    Yeah they always change the articles, mainly in the first couple days, just like most things they report, they want to get the story out before all the details are in.

    Thanks for the added info, mainly the article PC posted, didn't hear all that and it makes more sense now
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    I used to set up at gunshows and sell antique & blackpowder firearms, holsters and whatnot I would sell everything as long as it wasnt a modern Firarm, and I wouldnt sell any ammunition or powder or bullets, unless I didnt not have the actual firarm that they went to, that way no state of federal firearms license was needed. I had asked one ATF Agent if I could accept a modern firearm in trade for an antique.And I was told that yes I could. But I could not resell the firearm at the gunshow and it would be best that If I did this take it and lock it up that way it was not considered inventory, Nor could I be accused of trying to seel it and put a tag on the gun that reads NFS ( not for sale) and I would be ok. I even kept records of who my custonmer was and the gun they purchased, not for ATF because its not required, I did this for myself just in case something happened my ass was covered. These days there going to try and stick anyone they can. I know that peperwork is one of thier favorite pet peeves!...Doc

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