New Gun Control Laws Face a Tough Constitutional Test


The American Civil Liberties Union recently voiced "serious concerns" about the latest version of the democrat's gun control bill, essentially agreeing with the National Rifle Association and several Constitutional experts, it sent a strong signal that the knee jerk gun control legislation sponsored by many on the left, is doomed to fail.

A top lobbyist for the ACLU recently sided with the NRA and several Constitutional experts who have testified before Congress in saying that the latest democrat gun bill, which calls for universal back ground checks, is a threat to privacy and civil liberties. This collective reaction from both sides of the political spectrum is a considerable warning to both Capitol Hill lawmakers and state legislatures that have passed or are ready to approve sweeping new gun control legislation. Many of these new laws will see challenges in the U.S. or state Supreme Courts.

At issue is the national data base that would be created as part of a program mandating universal background checks. There is understandable concern regarding the scope of this new national record keeping and how government agencies could potentially misuse our personal data.

The left has virtually ignored the fundamental necessity to preserve our Constitution and our civil liberties while crafting laws to address gun violence. During a recent Senate hearing on the Feinstein gun bill, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York - a staunch Feinstein ally - scolded gun owners and Second Amendment supporters for overacting, vowing that our Second Amendment rights will never be threatened.

Sen. Schumer's promises ring hollow when it's clear that the efforts in Washington and in several states to pass strict gun bans and bans on gun accessories will not stop. Hundreds of thousands of gun owners and Second Amendment advocates view this latest effort as an attempt to fracture the Second Amendment. Now a growing alliance of groups voicing legitimate concern will hopefully force lawmakers to consider all ramifications of new gun legislation. If left unchecked, laws pushing for mandatory gun registration under threat of gun confiscation, limits on ammunition, or walking back conceal carry laws could well be next.

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Black Blade: This is definitely good news. It's about time that the Totalitarian oppressors be reigned in. The only problem I see it that the courts no longer seem to have any respect for The Consitution of the United States of America anymore. They parse and torture words to wrangle out an interpretation that is so convoluted and unitelligible that it has little to no resemblence of the founders original words and meaning. The US Constitution says what it means and means what it says - it's not rocket science people.