Down through the last few years American Legislooters have passed massive amounts of unConstitutional anti-gun legislation. And, they are not done yet! They are like rats that just keep on gnawing away at something until it is totally destroyed.
According to most reliable sources, there are more than 80,000,000 gun owners in this country. So, how do the gun-grabbers get away with this? In my opinion the biggest enemies that gun owners have other gun owners. There are many gun owners who think that "reasonable" gun laws are OK. You often see posts on the internet where it is opined by gun owners that this or that congress creature does not really want to take away guns in spite of his or her big mouthed rhetoric. Some say that we shouldn't have high capacity semi-automatic guns. A few have said that nobody needs to store away 1,000 or more rounds of ammo. Others have said something like this: "I don't care if they ban handguns as long as they let me keep my rifle." Some gun owners worship anti-gun politicians for whatever reason. And so it goes. But, look at all of the countries where there is a total BAN on ALL guns! They never did this in one fell swoop, but by the bit by bit approach. They are like cockroaches.
In my humble opinion, all gun owners should adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE toward ANY governmental trampling of our Second Amendment RIGHTS! Just because YOU don't desire a certain firearm does not mean that another person has no Right to it! There are enough of us that I believe that if we all stood together with the attitude that an attack on ANY of our Rights will not be tolerated, we could stop these thugs dead! I think it was Patrick Henry who said: We should all hang together or we will all hang separately!