POTHUS Executive Orders outlined to come
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Thread: POTHUS Executive Orders outlined to come

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    Default POTHUS Executive Orders outlined to come

    read this its on other web site also

    Here Come the First of the Executive Actions - SurvivalBlog.com

    stock up on surplus/imported kits,ammo, mags and parts, there is libel to be another price hike in these items. there have been previous laws in place for precedence
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    yea we knew the chicken shits would not stop the obamma BS even though it is clearly not what the citizens want.

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    The time has come to not only put the democrats on notice that we as the American people will be looking for new representivies, And usually since they are to ignotant to understand what that means, Tell them by Kicking thier stupid ass out of Office, Hod Rallies as to why these people should not be re-elected, and by relecting them to any further office will only further catistrophic results that are already occuring and have been since Obama has taken office, This dose not only apply to democrats, but to Republicans who have turned to the other side so to speak and have went against thier own party. and any other politicans from other parties that currently hold office, and are in the same boat as the other politicasn who are attempting to strip American Citizans of thier Rights that were guarenteed by the United States Constituation and the Bill of Rights. For those of us who do believe in God I am begining to firmly believe thqat Obama is the anti christ! or at least in the running for that office! He's state our country is safer since 911 we have foiled so many plots, well thast nice,But Instead of patting themselfs on the backs like a teenager saying ta da look at what I done!,, they should keep doing it and step it up a notch. But in all reality how well are they doing on the war on terrorism, On my score sheet not very well, because the president has done nothing to limit visa's from the middle east, and other troubled regions, they get in asking for political asilym, whenin fact the major majority of them are criminals from thier own country. But the giverment just keeps letting them in. Our Boarders are unsecured, oh sure we have ceertain check points , Niagria Falls NY , Thousand Islands NY , The Mexico & United States Borders in Texas and Calf. but there are so many other ways to gain access to this country its actually scary to think how fast someone could gain access to this country and be hell bent on destruction of our nation. I say if you dont like America stay the fuck out and go play with your camels and turbans and leave us alone. and if you insist on doing this, ther ewill be hell to pay no ten year war, no five thousand lives lost and countless injuries to the bodu and mind. and the united nations is a non-esential administration, Countries are capeable of making thier own alliences with one another. and as far as N Korea Goes weneed not revisit that war wich the Goverment sitll call it a police action or Korean Conflict. That shows how intellegent our goverment is, Im sorry Upi have thousands of troops on easch side fighting shooting and killing one another is a fucking WAR!! not a dantie police action or a conflict which is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Our Goverment is so fucking crooked I'll bet the politicans camt even lye in bed stright at night! and ist only going to get worse gang, and I mean by the day! I'd be willing to be that if everyoen of us wrote a form letter and addressed it to every current politican whos a fuck up, trhat we area seeking a new canadate to take thier place and they can forget about our vote for them. It would shake up the halls in dc a bit and instead of mailing it to thier home state office let them all go to the DC offices so they can run around in panic saying what are we going to do? and hopefully someone would have the balls to say try looking for another job! I have received telephonecalls from democrats looking for votes and I tell them no You cant count on my vote you have done nothing to deserve it!, how the people get large votes is by promising big tax cuts to companies like Boeing Aircraft ( P Murrys Favorite things she states as a major accomplishment, if boing was that great whay woukld there brand spankie new aircrafts be grounded for battery problems that causes fires on board the aircraft. My friends its really time for us to stand together and tell these people no your out of office. and one more pet peeve here then on to the next** All the campagine money that is contributed to politicans, they should not belowed to keep that money when they loose, it should be returned to the contributors this wasy it keeps people somewhat honest, and the back door deals cand come to a close, because then some company cant say well I neeed this done,, and I contributed 10,000 dollars to your campagine. Like I said politics and the Mafia are almost the same with the exception that the politicans get away with just about everything. And I still firmly believe that you should not be president unless you have served in the United States Military, because utamitally you may have to send troops into harms way so you should have an personal experence on whats like to duck and dodge bullets and morter rounds, IED'S and RPG'S and to see your commrads in arms killed in action and many time you cant even reconize your own buddies due to the fact the got hit so hard. By implementing this policy Politicans will think twice before just sending people to other countries to fight another countries battles, we are not the Worlds Military Infantry, Police , Airforce, or Navy or Marines. if these countries want to destroy each other go right ahead, then maybe they just might lean something from the experence, and the only wasy the US should be involved is if it DIRECTLY EFFECTS US AND WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! No more No less, and Close all borders, all thought its simple and yet comples it can be done, and can be put into effect fairly quickly, But war is a major bussiness that makes money, so there for as long as there are willing participants there will always be war with extreamily greedy United States Politicans calling the shots and spending the money we dont have, and making things more expensive for the unwilling citizans of this country...Doc

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