gun control poll-- NO 90% support!
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Thread: gun control poll-- NO 90% support!

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    Talking gun control poll-- NO 90% support!

    The Gun Control Poll That Might Finally Shut the Media Up

    you remember the old saying from "sanford and son" tv series?


    this obamma--big time jive turkey! LOL!

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    Wow never read Breitbart before, but after reading this I must admit I'll have to start looking to them for their take on the news.
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    Nice, now we just need the mainstream to report the same thing

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    But remember on the list of anti -gun Bussiness and Corp's etc, NBC and CBS and a few others were on there if I remember correctly, So I dont think its going to shut up teh media all that much. But to shut them up we need a bigger mouse trap, Now of it could be proven that the Wh & the Mediea conspired to show thes false numbers. That would be huger than when rather got the axe for lying about Pres. Bush, like everthign else it all come down to money and power in this case both need to be traced back to the beginning, and it would be interesting to see who the contribitors were to Obamas re-election that are on the gun-grabbers list I'll bet it sure is interesting, and ill bet that mabe close half of the contribitors on that list gave to obamas re-election, and now taking it even further go back to his statement about gun control and see who gave contributions as sson as this comment was made and compare that to the list of anti-gun companies, Im sure it will all add up then. And if Im right release that information the demodumdums wont have a chance....Doc

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