boston bombers were drug dealers?
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Thread: boston bombers were drug dealers?

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    Angry boston bombers were drug dealers?

    Drugs sales may have financed Boston terror plot - CBS News

    so living in the USA for free, eating for free, getting free housing and college education was not enough?

    they sold dope to buy expensive things and plot their Jehaid against the USA too!

    this is actually far more common than the US state department will admit.

    many of your drug lord/crime bosses/gangs in US cities are aliens living in the US.

    they still take their food stamps and free housing and PRETEND to go to college ---

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    Muzloids are the equavelent of the inner city slum dwellers. They are ruthless savages IMHO.

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    Sounds like the illegal drugs in the US will be going down. The cartels are finding it more profitable to sell smuggled firearms. Try to stop that you washington idiots.

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    Makes sense, they were on welfare afterall.

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