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    Mr. X. I was wondering what the accuracy was like with that little black gun in your avitar. (I'm assuming the pic is of you)
    The reason I ask is I just got done with an AR build for my daughter. It has an A2 buttstock, a triangle forearm, 24" barrel with a 5" brake/suppressor.It has an A2 carry handle with a 4X Colt-type carry handle scope. All old school type stuff. All together, a little over 48" long. This thing will stay inside 9" at 700m until you get tired of pulling the trigger. Just wondering how it stacks up against new school.

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    the old 1-12" barrels could be very accurate. i can recall many an a1 that could put them all in the same hole in the short range target.

    long range --we did have much in the way of optics with the old a1s m by the time the ACOG type things came around the a1s were for the most part stood down from front line use.

    so i don't know what kind of group they could do @ 500M+ , i do know that knocking the targets down on the target machine wasn't difficult at 500M with the a1 peeps.

    i don't think that the old barrels were as "steady" as the newer ones, that could have been that we abused the old m16s more-- like when the got hot they would open up some. nothing like getting a barrel red hot shooting thousands of blanks full auto, or even worse firing hundreds of tracers full auto --so it ain't like we were babying the things to get a sum moa accuracy out of um--lol

    the ammo that your shooting plays a big role in how accurate a rifle is as well. we had some very good m193 ball powder ammo back then that was very stable velocity wise.

    no that ain't me in the pick --that my old pal "big-kinfe" billy--

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