obama vs himself on WAR?
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Thread: obama vs himself on WAR?

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    Exclamation obama vs himself on WAR?

    here is what the big "O" nut was saying in 2007-- now compare that to the big "O" nut of 2013--


    before sending US forces to attack some third world shit hole for anythng other than a direct threat to the US was a no-no and NOT in the presidential powers , without congress , declaration of war--ect-ect-yadda-yadda

    today it is like "i can do anything I want--congers and the people be damned!"

    being a so called 'constitutional lawyer" you would think he would know when his wants are cross to the laws of the constitution?

    then maybe he bought his law degree from the back of a comic book--????

    i think the man has flipped his lid. is he still fit to be the president? is there a means for a nut to be removed?

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    If he launches anything at all, it will amount to WWIII and a hard way of life for us in the world. A limited anything is not only a waste of time, it is most dangerous to our future and peace.

    All we need to do is shut down the free money we have been handing out to these muslim haters of the US and everything we stand for. Let's start with that easy one. When all of the have to get up and make their own system produce food and good to live rather than just protesting and fighting everybody, this will help force peace to act.

    If we launch one Tomahawk onto SYRIAN territory, that will open the channel for any and all SYRIAN allies to attack any and all US interest.
    M U S I B I K E

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