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Thread: Please HELP US! NOW IS THE TIME!!!

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    Sprat, I even got face time with DollarBill Bradley. This POS couldn't even look me in the eye.

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    time for some "regime change "!

    one thing i can say about eygpt they at least had the balls to toss the bums out.

    got to give um hat--

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    Ya never know j427x,, that just might be what will happen here if politicians keep stomping on every ones rights, there will eventually be a breaking point where everyone finally relizes whats up. Some,,, just won't ever "get it" and there a lost cause,, but by standing around doing nothing certanly won't change things for the better.

    Remember there's lots of battles in a war, and you're not going to win them all, but by standing by and not speaking up you'll never win any,,,,that's the choices!

    Myself I'll continue to speak my mind where it counts. It seemed to work here in Vt, so don't be scared,,, just get busy!!!!

    We'll see what happens with Syria now,, last time I looked 58% of the people writing in, calling and those talking to there reps personally,,, don't want to be involved there. Let's see what happens there, and if they don't respect our wish's,, they'll be Hell to pay come election time, a sentiment that was made very clear by many people around here to our reps,,,,I think they listened too, there opposing it publicly at this point.

    Time will tell! It could just be lip service, but I doubt it. We've got some decent reps for the most part. Lahey,,,well the jury's still out on him!!!!

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