LIES from the POTUS and vice
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Thread: LIES from the POTUS and vice

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    Default LIES from the POTUS and vice

    How can the Pres and vice LIE publicly about "Convicted felons can get machine guns with a trust" and get away with it. Im a cop, I lie, I get fired and/or jail. Lie to a Cop, you go to jail or fined, they lie, HEY, THATS OK.... WTF.

    Even if a felon was able to get a trust, when he/she went to pick up the "transferable" machine gun, the 4473 is filled out. DENIED.......
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    i have seen more outright lies from obama than any president in history.

    and that is bad considering the last handful of presidents were world-class habitual liars. that puts obongo in the psycotic sociopathitic habitual liar class --along with some of the worlds biggest tyrants!

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    'He's the sort that gives that sort a bad name'

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