Had a large time this weekend
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Thread: Had a large time this weekend

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    Default Had a large time this weekend

    We went to the track this weekend for the labor day race. I have never seen that many people there ever. They were parking on the road, we had to part the crowds to pull into the staging lanes. There must have been 100 people standing in the water box. Got out of there around 2am. Did alright. Thats 2 in a row.

    "Shakin' it over here, boss"

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    Ya Buddy!!!! Good Job. Don't ya just love it when shit comes together?!!!

    I had a HE HAW moment too, thought I'd puked the turbo400 in the Rivi,,,wouldn't shift out 2nd,, slipping,,,pump a whining,,,I said WTF, I'll just go through the basics first just for shits before I ship it out. I found 2 dry rotted vacuum lines, that just had to be leaking, plus replaced every other vacuum line on the car just for good measure, changed out the filter and gave a couple rounds in on the modulator while I was at it.

    Fixed good thing too, that new B&M tranney, flex plate and converter was starting to scare me!!! Thank God,,,,<50$ and the original one is rocking.

    I just don't understand how those 1971 vacuum lines could possibly be dried out already!!! "KISS" comes through again!

    Good Job on the trophy bud,,,and Keep Um Coming!!

    Make um eat dust!

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