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    Default - repeal ObamaCare?

    I received an Email from are they a legit and can be trusted group? This is part of the letter should action be taken on this or is this just fluff?

    Next week, the House GOP will hold a vote to defund ObamaCare and then hold a separate vote on a Continuing Resolution (CR).

    Then, both bills will go to the Senate, where Harry Reid will make sure the bill defunding ObamaCare gets defeated and the big-spending CR gets passed.

    If the House leadership gets away with this, we will have lost our best chance to stop ObamaCare before the mandates and subsidies fully kick in.

    So please call John Boehner and your representative TODAY and tell them to vote NO on the rule for the Continuing Resolution unless the rule allows for more than a symbolic vote to defund ObamaCare.

    You can reach John Boehner and your representative at:

    John Boehner: (202) 225-6205

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    i think people are going to be "shocked" when the cost of this BS rolls in.

    school teachers coverage just went up 49% out here -- the state looks like it might kick in to cover it with some $$ out of the govners slush-fund.

    the thing is it will probably go up that much more come next year and how is the state going to raise that kind of $$$ in this shitty lay-off economy?

    hospitals are all ready laying non-essentials off and i'll bet there will be more lay-offs to come.

    i think the entire thing is going to be way-way more expensive than anybody said.

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